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Isaac Burnett

As well as writing and performing as a part of i.e., Isaac has a BA from the University of the West of England in Filmmaking and is currently working towards an MLITT in Comics and Graphic Novels at the University of Dundee.

His work has been described as "a delight to read", "original and fresh", and "in many respects quite offensive."

Some of it you can see for yourself in the links below:


Black Diablo - The Breakup Final Quick Crop.png


Calvin Kula is the owner of the Kula Klub, the City's least popular Tiki Bar!

But he's also secretly a shadowy urban avenger, dishing out two-fisted justice in a three-piece suit: BLACK DIABLO!

An ongoing pulp-noir-comedy-superhero strip, available to read for free on Tapas - have a look!

Sir Borg Final Quick Export.png


Some call him the cabled crusader, the xenophobic xentinel, the electronic Enoch!


He's Albion's greatest champion, defending the realm against the forces of socialism, peaceful protest, and your elderly Muslim neighbours!

An ongoing political satire comic exploring all that's fucked-up and horrible about England. Available free on Tapas!

Fugleskremsel Promo.png


What do you get when you mix two tough-as-nails cops, six dead-as-doornails politicians, and half a dozen seemingly suicidal cows?

One bizarre mystery, that's what.

A Scandi-comic-noir. Coming soon.

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