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Submission: Degrees of failure. 

Anecdotes, stories and sketches born from a lifetime of conflict with deadlines. Two ex-students teach the value of the last minute in a final attempt to avoid the real world.

Join Elliott and Isaac as they go through the transformation from undergrad to unemployed.

Yes. That's right. It's as bad as it sounds. An anthological procrastinated performance about celebrating failures, half baked ideas and the magic of the work in progress, all made with lashings of student self-indulgence.

A one time, one-off show, in the gorgeous St Anne's Chapel.


Much like a deadline, this is something you don't want to miss. (But probably will anyway)

Made as part of the wonderful Fringe Theatrefest for 2020


Show Times and Tickets

(Currently cancelled because of Covid Crisis)

Thursday 25th June @ 17.00

Friday 26th June @ 22.05

Saturday 27th June @ 17.45

Fringe 2020.png
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