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So realised it'd be nice to have a page to link to where we can put all the misc crap. Why not store some stuff publicly? Music, Promo vids, writing stuff, who knows. If we do something like a travel vid, or an essay or a cabaret bit or something

Perhaps nothing too work in progressy. But mini-projects. 


Yeah, mini projects, that's probably a better term.

Here we'll have a place to put them and stuff, and hopefully we'll embark on making more small, but kinda complete things.

I think it'd be nice to pressure ourselves into making more stuff - surely only good can come of it? Maybe we should aim to do something regularly, like a monthly/bi-monthly thing? It'd be nice to not just be a Barnstaple fringe company, and to do more elsewhere. Plus, if we're gonna pay for this site, I really actually want it to be a thing we use a lot, and maybe even eventually getting some people checking our site for new shit we've done. (And we can link to it with social media) I'm not saying we need to try and do massive projects that are fantastic, or make stuff daily, but I think if we do stuff semi regularly, just so we're keeping in the habit of self-motivated creating it'll look really good. Because nothing looks worse than a dead site.

(I guess if we do stuff together for depict or other such projects - I don't know how much data we'd have on the site, or what it'd translate to in a real world sense, but I don't imagine anything else on the site will be that intense)

We could also link to individual stuff we've done.

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